Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall In The Forest

. With everything going on over the past 6 weeks or so, not to mention some pretty yucky weekend weather we have not been able to do much hiking this fall. Sunday was a beautiful day here in Louisville, so we decided to take advantage of it and hit the trails. We planned to hike the Tioga Falls National Recreation Trail near Fort Knox but it was apparently closed by order of the commandant due to blasting or some such thing. Needless to say we were a bit bummed, but not deterred so we headed to the Jefferson  County Memorial Forest and after a quick potty break set out on the Purple Heart Trail. It was 2 miles of what I'd call rugged uphill and downhill climbs. Very little flat ground of which I am quite fond of. I huffed and puffed trying to keep up with Alan. At one point I thought I might just sit down on a fallen log and refuse to go any further, but then some other hikers showed up and I didn't want to look like a looser. I will tell you the main reason for all of the photos is that I took a lot of breaks. Since I'm not a quitter, we eventually made it back to the beginning, all downhill at that point thank goodness. We enjoyed a little picnic and tried to take some selfies, but obviously don't quite have the hang of that yet. The leaves were gorgeous, probably a little past peak, since so many of them were on the ground. All and all it was a nice adventure. Hope you had a fun weekend and are looking forward to a great week. 

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Bette Strug said...

HI, Sally. I have been behind in my blog reading. I saw Barb this a.m. at Peg's and she told me about Alan's diagnosis. Hope all is going well. I've got you guys in my prayers.