Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gobble Gobble

It was my turn to play "hostess" for my monthly stamp club get together. All that really means is that I got to cook dinner and collect the hostess credits at the end of the evening. I decided to go with a Thanksgiving like menu: turkey and stuffing casserole, green beans and sweet potatoes. I made a pecan pie for dessert, but I think everyone enjoyed the Fresh Market rolls and turkey shaped butter best.
As a little party favor goody bag I decided to dip pretzels in  white Ghiradelli melting chocolate and  sprinkle them with cute candy coated sunflower seeds. Very fall like don't you think?

 I packaged them up in little orange bags with these cute little turkey cards that I got for a dollar at Target. I think they were meant to be place cards, but instead of writing names on them I stamped the Gobble Gobble.
 The house smelled so good while I was cooking on Friday. Now I can't wait for the "real" Thanksgiving feast. Ours will be courtesy of The Fresh Market once again and I am perfectly happy to let those nice people do all the work.

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