Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Knit Happens

My card club met last Friday and this month we were given a challenge. I am not very fond of challenges, but then you probably already know that about me. Back in December we each brought a stamp that we traded with another member. We had to make our January cards using that stamp. I received the "knit happens" stamp you see above. It's cute and it was very appropriate for me given my little knitting obsession but it sure didn't make for a very exciting card. To jazz it up a bit, I decided to knit a little cotton soap sleeve to stick in a bag with the card. Knit happens... right? I found the lemon verbena soaps at Trader Joe's and they smell amazing. The little sleeves were quick to knit and did the trick. Sometimes things just have a way of working out for the best. Thank goodness the challenge is over and we can all get back to stamping just for fun.
XO Sally

Friday, January 9, 2015

Keeping Warm

Is it cold where you live? I keep having to remind myself how much I love winter. Well, I love the thought of winter. Everything all cozy and being snuggled up inside. The problem is that you do eventually have to go outside, even if it's just to take the trash out. Those darn wind chills can sneak up on you. I've been staying warm by drinking lots of tea and knitting all the things. Mr. Trader Joe gave me this lovely tea sampling set for Christmas, and I wish he had given me two or three. The little tubes are so cute and the teas I've tasted so far have been delightful. The almost empty one is a lemon grass and ginger blend- Amazing. I've done a little spinning too and started cutting out fabric for a new quilt. I think I'll post pictures of those things under my Projects tab. I have a super easy cauliflower recipe for you too under I love the taste of... Try and stay warm and enjoy the weekend.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

 I can't tell you how happy I am to welcome in 2015. 2014 just wasn't one of my most favorite years. We had a lovely, quiet holiday with my Dad and David. Grace was surely missed, but we are making plans to visit her in Cambodia this summer. I finished my Christmas socks a couple of days before Christmas. I'm liking this new tradition of starting a pair the day after Thanksgiving. With company in the house, more knitting than sewing has gotten done as of late, but that's all about to change. I have signed up to participate in two different Quilt Block of the Month clubs. I might be crazy, but the monthly structure thing really works for me. I also spent a good bit of my vacation reading. I finished Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time and I'm a good way into the third book in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy. The Picoult book was not what I thought it was going to be, but I guess that's what I like about her books. You never know what's going on until you get to the end. I'm reading Follett's third book mainly because I read the other two and just have the need to complete the set. I liked the first one but had to skip a bunch of the WWI details, just too much for me. the second one was OK and the jury is still out on the third. I'm more about the characters and less about the politics and wars. Are you all reading anything good? Let me know. Alan and I have seen several movies lately too. We have discovered that we really like going to the early (10:30 AM) shows at our local theater. Sometimes we have to share the theater with a few other people, but there has never been a crowd and we get our pick of seats. It's probably just another sign of how old we are.  Speaking of which, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on the 29th of December. Crazy, right? We are planning a little getaway with close friends who's anniversary is December 31st. They've been married even longer than us. All things considered, Life is Good and we plan to enjoy the heck out of 2015