Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Knit Happens

My card club met last Friday and this month we were given a challenge. I am not very fond of challenges, but then you probably already know that about me. Back in December we each brought a stamp that we traded with another member. We had to make our January cards using that stamp. I received the "knit happens" stamp you see above. It's cute and it was very appropriate for me given my little knitting obsession but it sure didn't make for a very exciting card. To jazz it up a bit, I decided to knit a little cotton soap sleeve to stick in a bag with the card. Knit happens... right? I found the lemon verbena soaps at Trader Joe's and they smell amazing. The little sleeves were quick to knit and did the trick. Sometimes things just have a way of working out for the best. Thank goodness the challenge is over and we can all get back to stamping just for fun.
XO Sally

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