Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chaos In The Craft Room

I'd like to apologize up front for the poor picture quality. Not that my pictures are ever all that great, but we have had no sun to speak of lately and my phone camera really only works in natural light. I decided to just go ahead and show you what I've been up to. It's all kind of a blur anyway so the pictures are actually pretty accurate. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling very sorry for myself because all of my quilting buddies were together in Iowa at the annual Common Threads Sew In. With all of the driving I'd done leading up to Christmas and never knowing what the weather was going to be like I decided not to go this year. Poor me...  Instead I did what all good quilters do and started new quilt. I got the kit last summer when I was in Iowa, so I kind of felt like I was joining in (minus all of the fun and laughter). My friend Kandy sent me the  amazing pins and let me just say how handy they were while I was making this quilt. My other new favorite things are these cool little bobbin keepers. They just stick into your spool of thread and keep everything together. I have since finished that quilt top and will show you more pictures of it when the whole thing is done. I think I'm going to just straight line quilt it on my machine so that it can be finished. Did you notice my new yoga frog? He's sitting on the desk shelf reminding me to "relax" and quit taking everything so seriously. I get that way this time of year. My mind is full of all the things I want to do and just don't have enough time to accomplish. One day at a time needs to be my motto this year. If only they lasted longer than 24 hours. I hope you have all been keeping busy and staying warm.

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