Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What A Weekend (Part 1)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. Ours was way more exciting than we had planned on. Our good friends from our early college days Angela and Dewey drove all the way up from Baton Rouge LA so that we could spend the weekend together at Snug Hollow Farm. Ang an Dew had stayed there before  (in July) and really enjoyed their visit. It's a Bed and Breakfast located at the top of a mountain about 2 hours from Louisville. The owner is this amazing woman named Barbara who has been running the place for like 30 years. There is the main farm house and then 3 additional cabins on the property.. We stayed in the Cozy Cabin  pictured above and it was adorable. Barbara is an awesome cook and the two meals we enjoyed were delicious. The only little glitch is that everything is vegetarian, so some of us enjoyed the food more than others. I enjoyed it so much that I even purchased her award winning cookbook. We arrived Saturday afternoon, but had to keep in close contact with her due to the weather. Apparently any amount of snow can shut the mountain road down and they were expecting a couple of inches.  I wish I had pictures of the road up to Snug Hollow. Let me just tell you that it is narrow and windy, only room for 1 car at a time, no shoulder and a serious drop off. Kind of scary to be honest. Obviously we made it there and got ourselves all unpacked and settled in just in time for dinner. During dinner we talked and planned out how we would spend the next 2 days. We thought we would do some hiking, play some games, maybe venture down the mountain to a pottery studio and do a little shopping. Just relaxing and catching up. The next morning at breakfast, which was also fantastic, Barbara greeted us with the news that a BIG winter storm was coming and bringing with it about a foot of snow and if  we wanted to get home before Friday we pretty much needed to leave immediately.
To be continued...

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