Saturday, February 28, 2015

Farewell February- Good Riddance

Are you still trying to keep warm? I'm kind of glad that February is such a short month. My brain knows that it's still very much winter, but in my heart I'm already celebrating spring. I did my best to "spring" up the house this week. Almost all signs of winter have been packed away and yellow is my current decorating color of choice. Yellow flowers, yellow lemons, yellow sunlight...Yellow just makes me feel warmer, until I look out the window and see the giant icicles hanging from the little house out back and the still snow covered grass.  The good news is that we "might" make it up to 60 degrees on Wednesday. Of course it will be raining so no one's going to get to enjoy it, but I'm hoping that all signs of snow will melt away. It's a start.
Hope you are having a sunny, warm weekend

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