Friday, June 6, 2014

Another Quick Update

So glad that it's finally June.  May was one busy month. Since I last posted:
  • We drove down to Louisiana to visit with Alan's mother over Memorial Day Weekend. I took my sister-in law the dish cloths made out her cotton. She seemed to like them. The highlight of the trip was my niece Sarah, Grace and I taking my 82 year old mother in law for her first pedicure. Once we got her there she loved it.
  • We finally got to see The Book Of Mormon. We were not disappointed
  • Alan and I finished mulching our yard. We tried the 12 bags a week method this year and that seemed to work for us. 12 bags is about all that can fit in my car. It took us 5 weekends to get it all done, but now the yard looks beautiful and we are ready for summer.
  • Planted the vegetable garden. I really scaled back this year. Less of everything, but wouldn't you know that a squash plant from last year is making a surprise comeback.
  • Grace has her flight confirmation to LA leaving June 19th, then on to China the 20th. She's started packing, sold her car, working on selling her electric cello and wrapping up a few loose ends. She is ready to go
  • Public school let out for summer today, so I guess that makes it official. Summer is here!

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