Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Craft Room

I'm sorry if this post doesn't interest you at all. It's been a pretty time consuming project and I just couldn't be happier with the outcome. As I mentioned the other day there are still a few things to tweak, including the closet... but that will just have to wait for now. I think what makes me happiest about this room is just finally having a place to put things that haven't had a home since we moved into the house over 4 years ago. I love looking at all of the pictures on the walls and just knowing that every thing has a place. The photos are pretty self explanatory,   We removed the bed and added inexpensive shelving from Target. We brought up an unused chair from downstairs and that's about it. I'm using Graces desk to sew on for the time being. She kindly left her TV and spinning wheel for me to borrow. We did remove the mirror that was attached to the dresser so that my cutting mat could fit and not hang off in the front. My ironing board hangs on the back of the door. The lights are also Grace's. She had them in her apartment but since we've been storing them in the basement I figured they were fair game. I have to say that I was not thrilled when she asked if I'd take care of her fish, but he adds a little something to the room. I wish that I had more time to spend crafting away in there, but I know the time will come and I am ready.

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it! Happy crafting! Barb