Monday, April 16, 2012


The next stop on our adventure was Rome. After riding the train all night we got into the city fairly early, checked into our hotel and headed across the street to visit the Colosseum and Forum. Words really can't describe the awesomeness of Rome. Trying to imagine how all of these buildings could have been built so long ago and still be here for us to see is just beyond me.

I know that Alan really enjoyed seeing all of these ruins. He even recited a few lines from Julius Cesar for Grace and me. He played Cassius in fifth grade and still knows his part by heart.

Day two in Rome we got up early and made our way to the Vatican. It just happened to be a Wednesday morning and the Pope was getting ready to give his weekly address. How lucky for us. Grace was absolutely thrilled to get to see and hear him in person. Probably because it was Holy Week as well as spring break for many the crowd was huge. We don't have any idea what he actually said, but I can tell you that everyone was listening to him. My favorite part was seeing him arrive in the Pope Mobile.

We took the tour of the Vatican Museum, which could have been better organized. There were just so many people it was difficult to really see and appreciate all of the art and architecture. Our tour guide was from Rome and did the best she could to show us as much as she could in just two hours. Her story telling really helped fill in a lot of the details that we just couldn't see. You can't take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, and it was so jam packed with people we really had to look at the frescoes and keep on moving. I don't want to say that we were disappointed, but the experience could have been better.

The next day we made our way to the Pantheon. Again we were pretty much in awe.

It was so beautiful and impressive. It would have been cool if it had rained a little while we were inside, so we could see the rain coming through the hole in the roof, but I was OK with the sunshine.

We made our way to the Spanish Steps and walked around up at the top taking in views of the city.

Our final stop was the Trevi Fountain. I could have stayed there for a long time if there had been room to sit and relax. As it was we kind of had to push our way down to the water so that Grace could toss in her coin. I guess legend has it that if you toss in a coin it insures your return to Rome some day. I thought it had something to do with finding true love. I've been told that that is only in the movies.

Being in Rome was like being on a movie set, so I going with the true love version.

If you are interested in seeing pictures of all of the yummy food we ate in Rome, click on "I love the taste of..." at the top of the Blog.

(To be continued....)


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