Saturday, June 1, 2013

Off To Italy

 Grace left for Italy yesterday. She made it as far as Cleveland. It seems that the weather decided to get ugly so her connecting flight to Montreal was cancelled. Apparently United Airlines could not get her on any plane out of Cleveland last night, so they put her up at the Sheraton Hotel and gave her $30.00 for dinner.
She had a glass of wine and a sandwich and they didn't even card her. I know she's 21, but don't you think she looks about 15?
She seems to be dealing with it all in her usual good spirit. She will get to Rome a day late and miss her bus to Arezzo where she will be spending the next 6 weeks, but she's just going to figure it all out once she actually makes it to Italy. I know that I'll be feeling a lot better once I know she's met up with the rest of her program folks from the University of Kentucky. She says she's going to be blogging about the trip, so if you want to try and keep up with her visit her blog . She took my camera with her, so hopefully there will be beautiful pictures of Italy that will make us all wish that we where there with her.

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