Friday, June 28, 2013

Where Did June Go?

I seriously can't believe that June is almost over. We have been pretty busy, but still I'm not ready for July.
We had some overnight visitors this month and we took a long weekend trip to North Carolina and Virginia, Time does just fly when you're having fun.

Alan's brother Paul and his wife Lisa stayed the night on their way to a reunion in West Virginia. We had a nice visit, but forgot to take any pictures. We will be seeing them again over the 4th of July, so I'll try and remember to get some photos.

Our next visitor was Daphne, one of my long time best friends from South Carolina. She was here grading high school AP English exams (to each his own...) for money which she will be using to pay for her sons wedding rehearsal dinner in September. Daphne, her husband Paul and their kids were neighbors of ours when we lived in Mt. Pleasant SC. FYI, when you put an English teacher and a speech pathologist together you get a whole lot of talking. We almost talked non stop for 24 hours. There was a little sleeping break, but it was little. By the time we took her to the airport, my throat was so sore but it was worth every minute. I told Alan that I was in need of a day of silence to rest my voice. Ha, ha, right?

 Last weekend we headed off to Norfolk to help David move from his luxury high rise apartment to something a little more affordable. He will be sharing a two bedroom apartment with one of his medical school buddies for the next 2 years and hopefully saving a whole lot of money.
 After spending most of Friday moving and cleaning we headed to Virginia Beach Saturday morning for breakfast. We went to the  Pocahontas Pancake House which had been mentioned in Southern Living magazine as being a local favorite. We got there early and had the best pancakes I've ever eaten. I am not kidding. The restaurant is right on the beach, so after breakfast we walked down the board walk a ways enjoying the sunshine, ocean breeze and beautiful scenery. I wish that we had had a little more time to actually walk in the sand and water, but we were on a schedule, and you know how that is.

 David did not want me taking pictures of the inside of his "new" apartment. His actual words were,  "Mom, it will make you vomit". Really, it wasn't that bad. I told him that it had great potential. With a little bit or maybe a lot of cleaning I think it will be very liveable.
 I did get this picture of Alan and David installing the new window air conditioner 
that we picked up at the Home Depot. You can tell that his room is pretty small. 
It fits a bed, desk, dresser and bookshelf and that is all

The outside is quite nice and it's in a cute little part of town just a few blocks from his school. 
Those are his windows on the second floor.
So there you have it. That was June. Grace is still enjoying every minute of Italy. She will be home July 16th, so she can enjoy it for another 2 weeks or so. Can't wait to have her home and hear all of the details.
We have 4th of July family reunion plans and more company to look forward to in July. My posting will probably be sparse, but it is summer after all..
Hope you are enjoying it!

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