Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's Reality Check

This morning a big (for Louisville) winter storm blew in. Schools closed, my doctor's office called to reschedule my appointment and the nail salon that I go to has no electricity. Winter is definitely still here. The good news is that the sun is out now. The sky is a beautiful bright blue and the snow plows have been up and down our road several times.  The bad news is that it is absolutely freezing outside. It was 34 degrees when I woke up this morning and its 15 degrees now. I would like to go to the grocery store, but my car is covered in snow. Thank goodness I still have these sweet mini daffodils to look at. We might just have to have pancakes for dinner.

1 comment:

Bette Strug said...

The older I get, the less patience I have with winter! Thanks for the Daffodil photos! they made me smile! Missed you at the Sew-In!! Next year!