Saturday, November 22, 2014

Better Late Than Never

If you are wondering where I have been and why my blogging has become so irregular of late, all I can say is that it's been a crazy Autumn in my neck of the woods. I've made 3 trips to North Carolina, David was in Kentucky for 8 weeks and winter came before fall was finished. Really that's pretty much it, except that I've been having a bit of trouble uploading pictures from my computer to my blog. I'm not sure if the problem is with my very ancient computer, or with the blog, but it worked today, so I'm taking that as a positive sign. Last Monday was the first no school snow day for kids here in Louisville. Crazy right? It's not even Thanksgiving. At this rate the kids will be going to school until July. I'm sure most of you experienced the return of the Polar Vortex or what ever the weather people are calling it now. I've heard that the Farmer's Almanac says this winter will be colder with even more snow than last year. I'm stocking up on soup and knitting warm wooly things just as fast as I can. Makes me just a tiny bit envious of Grace and her 95 degree temperatures in Cambodia. Just a tiny bit... The good news is that my Dad's health seems to be improving every day. As of right now he's planning on coming to Kentucky for Christmas. He's been through a lot this year and continues to maintain the most positive outlook. He's confident that he will be playing golf again in the spring. I'm trying so hard not to jump the gun with Christmas preparations, but I must admit that the weather has kind of pushed me into the holiday mood earlier than expected. As you can see from the last picture I couldn't resist sticking a few special items into my grocery cart this week. I'm going to hide them in the basement along with the few other things I might have bought last week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your Thanksgiving plans include lots of fun, family, friends and yummy food.

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