Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are You Ready?

Whether or not, here comes Christmas. I feel like I should use "weather" instead of "whether". The snow we had in November has come and gone and now it's just kind of chilly here in Louisville. Honestly, the lack of snow is just fine with me.  A light dusting around the 24th would be just lovely, but otherwise, I'm good.  Alan and I went down to Memphis for Thanksgiving to visit with his mother and some of his siblings. It was a great trip, but it  put me a bit behind with Christmas preparations. We got the house decorated last weekend and finished our shopping yesterday. I finally feel like I can just sit back and enjoy it all. Isn't that the best? Just snuggling up on the couch listening to carols, or watching favorite movies while your beautiful Christmas tree sparkles in the background. I love it. I hope you are able to relax and just enjoy the next week or so to the fullest. It's always the small things that make the season special. I'm trying extra hard this year to pay attention to them. What's making me smile right now is the too cute wrapping paper that I found at Target with adorable knitted hats, sweaters, scarves and mittens all over it. I'm also quite fond of the cardinal pillow also found at Target and the forest friends platter and mini bowls that I picked up at Kroger. See, the little things. I've been filling that platter with those little hotdog/bacon bites I gave you the recipe for a while back. That's what I'm taking to every holiday party I've been invited to this year. Everyone seems to enjoy them and no leftovers makes the clean up even faster. I haven't made any cookies yet, which feels a little weird. I guess I should bake some to take to our neighbors  and have on hand when David and my Dad arrive. I will have to get right on that...

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