Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Good Day At The Races

Saturday was a gorgeous day in Louisville. sunny, slight breeze and about 82 degrees. We decided to spend the afternoon at Churchill Downs betting on the ponies. The race season ends on July 4th so we figured now's our chance.

Grace really got into it. Checking out the horses in the paddock, placing her bet and cheering her horses on.

Alan and Grace both got lucky, or maybe it was skill, who knows? Alan won $18.20 on Simmstown and Grace won $37.20 on Flashy Lassie. So, after we payed to get in, placed our bets, and ate some ice cream we still left about $20.00 ahead. Not a bad day at all.

I know the pictures kind of make it look like we are the only ones there, but it actually was pretty crowded. We just happened to pick a spot near the end of the crowd.

The fall racing season starts sometime in October, so if you are feeling lucky make your plans now.


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