Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Has Arrived

I almost called this post "How many men does it take to fix a sprinkler system?" but since it's going to be 96 degrees today and the weather people are saying that we are already breaking records and it's only the beginning of June, I changed my mind. The sprinkler system is fixed. This project actually took a full year to complete. We realized that some of the sprinklers were broken when we moved in last year. My Dad being the handy man that he is willingly took on the project. He researched and ordered the parts, but by then it was fall and we really didn't need to be watering so the decision was made to wait until spring to fix it. Spring was a very short and very rainy season here in Louisville. So, now it's summer, the rain has finally let up and the sprinklers are sprinkling. Later today I might have to put on by bathing suite and run through them. What will the neighbors think? I'm not sure that I really care. Maybe I'll invite them over for a glass of lemon aid. Thanks Dad for all of your help. We will have the greenest grass in town.


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