Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

 Another week has come and gone. Having Grace home for a couple of weeks before she leaves for Italy has kept me a little busier than usual. My Dad arrives this afternoon so I imagine this coming week will see little time for blogging as well. Our day trip to Lexington last weekend was a lot of fun. Not only did Grace and I buy way more yarn and fiber than we had intended to,  we got to see the cutest goats,sheep, lambs, llamas and alpacas. The 52nd annual Stockdog competition was going on in conjunction with the wool festival, so Alan spent most of his time watching the amazingly talented sheepdogs herd sheep. We realized how stupid our poor Maggie really is after watching those dogs.

My favorite pen. Don't you love the identification posters?

I know these are not the best photos of the dog herding, but hopefully you get the idea. The dog gets 3 sheep and moves them through an obstacle course covering a whole lot of ground. We were sitting pretty far away from the action so as not to distract the dogs. The whole event is similar to the one in the movie Babe if that helps any. It was very impressive to say the least.
In preparation for Memorial Day and the coming week I've done a bit of cooking and baking. If things turn out well I'll share some recipes  with you next week. I hope that you all enjoy the long weekend and the real beginning of summer.

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