Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cooking All the Things

I think it's because there has been a "slight" chill in the air. All of a sudden I have the need to stock up. By that I mean, winter is coming and I need to cook myself silly and fill up my freezer. Do know the feeling? It's crazy. During the summer I thought maybe I'd just lost my cooking mojo. It was gone. Poof. Just like that it's back and I just can't stop. It could also be that I happen to love fall (comfort) food. Who doesn't. It's so fun to eat a bowl of homemade soup or chili when it's actually chilly outside. 
 Last night for dinner we had ham. Plain old boring ham. but with that ham we had baked sweet potatoes, roasted green beans with mushrooms, Italian baked cherry tomatoes, biscuits with honey butter and to top it all off apple crisp. It was all very yummy. Most of the recipes are from Pinterest. I'll link the beans and tomatoes for you under the I Love the Taste of.... tab at the top of the blog. I've never roasted green beans before and they were so good I probably could have eaten the whole pan. Since Alan doesn't eat beans or mushrooms  I guess I will be eating the whole pan.

 Today I'm making Stuffed Shells, one of Alan's all time favorite meals. I doubled the recipe so there is plenty for dinner tonight and two dinners worth to freeze. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures and I'll share the secret recipe later in the week.
Hope you are enjoying some fall food.

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