Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About Time

Hello old friend! I have not quilted since before Thanksgiving. All I can say is that I sew in our guest room and we have had a lot of company. That's probably an excuse to explain away my procrastination.
Today was another snow/ice day for me and I decided to make the most of it. 
I cooked
I knit
I cleaned (a little) 
Finally, I pulled out all the necessities, the sewing machine, cutting board, ironing board etc...
Did I tell you that I killed another iron? That happened back in November. My wonderful red iron just quit working. Now I have a new blue one with a retractable cord.So fancy.

 I joined a Block of the Month club at my local quilt shop back in September.

 I did the blocks for September and October and obviously have not done the ones for 
November, December and January. 
 I just got the email saying that I can pick up the pattern and fabric for February. Yikes! I hate being so far behind. 
You are probably thinking that that's what I worked on today.
You would be wrong. 
I felt the need to ease back into sewing, so I started (and finished) something new. Crazy.
It's just a little 12 inch square, perfect for the center of my dining room table.

I've discovered 3 sewing tool that I can't imagine living without.
 This round cutting board on a lazy Susan also comes with a heat proof cover for ironing.
It's the perfect size and spins like a dream.
This super bright light that snaps on the back of my sewing machine. I really don't know how I sewed without it. Thanks Barb and Kandi for "making" me buy it.
 And finally this cool  binding tool from Fons & Porter. It has changed my life. Really.
I hope this sewing mojo is here to stay. There are so many things to finish and so many new projects to start.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back into sewing. The BOM club looks interesting. Is there applique? Barb

Bette Strug said...

I have a square cutting board that turns. I would be lost without it!!
I also can't imagine sewing without my little 'side' light. I'll have to check out the ruler...