Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Weekend

I still seem to be having a little trouble getting my "Blog Act" together.  I'm not sure what the deal is... There just doesn't seem to be much going on around here. Alan came home form San Fransisco with a nasty California cold. He slept most of the weekend, but roused enough on Saturday to walk at the zoo with Grace and I. I'm so glad that he did because I didn't think to bring my camera, and it was the best animal viewing day ever. Isn't that the way? He used his "fancy phone" to take the next few pictures for me. I feel like I should warn you up front that the picture of the hippos is a little graphic. You have been warned.

The weather was perfect for us and the animals. We were able to see the grizzly bear cubs, the polar bear cub, the elephants, lemurs and most of the regulars. The tiger is usually out pasing his enclosure, but we actually got to see him having fun in the water for the first time. My favorite animals to watch are the hippos. The zoo has two, a girl and a guy. Most of the time only one is out at a time, so you can imagine our suprise when we rounded the corner and saw both of them...

together... doing what looks like a little hippo humping... Sorry about that. I did warn you. We didn't stay long, because it felt like we were intruding if you know what I mean.
After the zoo we took Alan home so that he could go back to bed. Really, I think he slept most of Saturday.
Grace and I headed off to the Farmer's Market. This is what we were able to buy for $20.00.
We were probably most excited about the fresh eggs. We ate them for breakfast on Sunday and they were delicious.

Someday when I get my sheep I'm going to get some chickens too. I did find out that we can actually keep a few chickens in our backyard. Not real sure what Maggie would think about that. Considering the way she goes after squirrels and devours her bones, I'm not sure the poor things would stand a chance.
We also got that ginormous bone at the farmer's market it just didn't amke it inside for the picture.
I'm hoping to update my project page and recipe page tomorrow. I've got lots to show you, so come on back.

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