Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letter From Camp

Grace and I survived the first month of Camp Loopy. We both completed our projects and received full credit.

My Aranami shawl modeled by Grace

Grace's Sherilyn shawl
 Project 2 is really going to be a challenge. We have 1 month to knit something using at least 800 yards of yarn. The project has to be knit out of a color found in your nations flag (continuing with the Olympics theme). We will be knitting sweaters. Grace is using a pretty red yarn and I'm using a shade of blue.

I am just telling you up front that I've never knit a whole sweater in just a month and I'm feeling a little stressed. Camp should not be a stressful thing. It should be fun and relaxing. Thank goodness for AC because there is absolutely no way that I'd be knitting right now without it. We made it up to 105 yesterday and expecting more of the same today. I wish that I had a lake to go jump in. I might have to go run through the sprinkler. Stay cool and have a great weekend.

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Bette Strug said...

Beautiful! Both of you have done great work. A Sweater in a month...R U NUTS?!? Good luck!