Thursday, October 3, 2013

Copy Cat

Most of you probably already know this about me, but for those that don't, I am the biggest Copy Cat ever. I think I always have been. My favorite thing to do is steal an idea from someone else. Tweak it a bit and call it my own. I'm just awful but I can't help myself. My most resent "borrowed" idea came from here . I love reading her blog and I've probably "borrowed' many more ideas from her than I care to mention. This current idea I totally copied exactly. No tweaking was necessary. It's genius!

You can see from the crazy tangled mess above, that my knitting needle situation was out of control. Instead of doing anything about it I just kept buying more needles. I guess that's how I ended up with 5 pairs of size 6 needles and 8 pairs of size 5's. At least now I know what I've got. Hopefully I remember to put them back after I use them....

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