Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Easter. Alan and I decided to do a little hiking/walking this morning. It started out as such a pretty day with blue skies and light breezes. Alan got a new book for Christmas called Take A Hike, Louisville. It basically talks about all of the parks with paths and trails around the city. There are a several that we have not visited so we set out this morning to check a couple off of the list. We started at BearGrass Nature Preserve and tried to do the White Oak Trail, but because of all the rain we had Friday parts of it were pretty washed out. Lots of standing water and mud do not make for an enjoyable hike. We opted for the paved paths at Joe Creason Park. This park is across the street from the zoo, so we've passed it several times. It's primarily used by people out to get a little exercise. It was nice to be outside for a bit. The grass is green and the trees are just starting to bud. The last picture is of the tiniest, little, baby pine-cones. I know it's hard to tell but they are probably just an inch long. So cute. It's gotten cloudy now and the weather people say that it will rain all week Oh goody, more rain. So glad we were able to take advantage of today.

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