Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheers to Mary Ann & Earl

Have I told you about the Liquor Barn? You may have one where you live, but shopping there was a new experience for me. The best way that I can describe the Liquor Barn is to say it's like the Ikea for all things alcohol. It's huge, and they have every kind of drink you could ever imagine.

Anyway, my husband, who doesn't really drink, stopped there Friday night on his way home from work. It must have been a tough week at the office. Who knows? He had seen some wine there the last time we ventured in that got him to reminiscing about his childhood. The way his memory works is a mystery to me. He has a knack for recalling even the smallest of details.

The way that this particular story goes (and I might not get it exactly right) is that when his dad was first stationed in England, before they moved into their house, they stayed in a hotel in London and ate dinner every night at the Columbia Club. The only thing on the menu that Alan liked was fried chicken, so he ate fried chicken for dinner every single night (except Sunday, when they had the buffet). But he also remembers that his parents shared a bottle of Mateus every single night. So, when he saw those thousands of bottles of Mateus at the Liquor Barn all of those happy living in England memories came back. Very sweet, don't you think?

Saturday night we shared (half) a bottle and drank a toast to Mary Ann and Earl. Thanks for the memories.


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