Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Radical

This is probably the strangest post that I have written to date. Please don't think that we have gone off the deep end, but what I'm about to tell you is really big news (for us).

We didn't put out our trash this week.

Are you shocked?

We are.

Are you saying somthing like "everyone forgets once in a while" ?

We don't.

I should say Alan doesn't.

Putting out the trash and recycling on Monday night so that it can be collected on Tuesday is part of Alan's weekly routine.

Alan loves routines. Once somthing gets added to his "agenda" it's there forever.

Just like his lunch- a cup of yogurt, an apple and a couple of cookies every single day.

That's just the way he is.

Anyway, back to the trash story. When he got home last night late after a dinner meeting, the first thing he said was "I have to put the trash out".

Me being me made the suggestion that maybe we just should skip a week.

If you could have seen the look he gave me, like I had just said the most ridiculous thing ever.

But, then he thought about it and then he started rationalizing about whether it was a real possiblity. We do have the biggest garbage can known to man. We never fill it up. We don't even fill the recycling bins each week (when it's just the two of us). Maybe, just maybe.

It's going to drive him crazy all day.

I love driving him crazy.
sorry about all of the spaceing. I can't make it go away

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