Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Happy Birthday

I turned 49 yesterday and boy did I feel the love. I'm blessed in so many ways and grateful to all of my family and friends for keeping me in their hearts. You would think that by now celebrating a Birthday would not be such a big deal, and usually it isn't, but for some reason 49 seems like a significant year. I'm not one of those people who puts a lot of thought into the "number". It's all about how you feel, how you choose to live your life, right?
I am a goal setter as most of you know and I set some goals a few years back that I hoped to achieve before I turned 50. (because back then it seemed a long way off) I have one year left to get the jobs done and that timeline is a little scary. So, my goal for this year is to get out of procrastination mode and put forth a little effort. What will be will be, but I like to think that I have some control over my life. It is the BEST life and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the BEST is yet to come.


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