Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend Getaway To Cumberland Falls

When we first moved to Kentucky, I kept seeing license plates with a picture of a waterfall on them. I told Alan that one day I wanted to see that waterfall in person.

So way back at the beginning of summer we reserved a "rustic" cabin at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. I've yet to figure out the "resort" part of the name, but as state parks go it was a pretty beautiful spot in the hills of Eastern Kentucky near the Tennessee border, a mere 180 miles from our house.

The first thing that we did after checking in at the park lodge, finding our cabin and unloading all of our stuff, was to head out and see the falls. Mind you it was something like 104 degrees that day and even though it was nearly 5:00 it was still very steamy.

Our first glimps of the falls was exciting, but on day 2 of the trip we got there earlier in the day and we were able to see the rainbow at the bottom of the falls. It was also about 20 degrees cooler, so much more enjoyable.

We being the tent campers that we are, staying in a "rustic" cabin seemed really up-town, especially a "rustic" cabin with a full kitchen, nice bathroom and a TV. We spent the first day joking about

what the "rustic" part was? We found out the evening of day 2 while we were watching the LSU vs Oregon football game. We were snuggled down on the "rustic" sofa when all of a sudden a tiny litttle field mouse ran out from the top of the chimney and zipped his little self behind our "rustic" sofa. I did the typical lady thing, screamed and jumped up onto the nearest chair. Alan grabbed a shoe and we both just stood there and waited. A minute or so later that dang little mouse ran back up the chimney and back out the little hole he came in. I wish that I could say that that was the last we saw of him. He seemed to think that our "rustic" cabin was really his "rustic" cabin, so he came back every night to check out our garbage can and who knows what else. We took some long naps during the days because there was not a lot of sleeping going on at night. (Click on the blue '"rustic" cabin and you can watch someone else's little YouTube video of what our cabin looked like on the inside.)

We ate some great food on this trip. I'll share more about that another day, but the night we grilled burgers we also made s'mores. We pride ourselves in toasting the perfect marshmallows to go with the perfect chocolate smushed between the perfect graham crackers. They were perfect!

On the way home from our little getaway, we stopped in Corbin, Kentucky, home of the first KFC. It was like going back to 1940. The sign out front calls Colonel Sanders the most famous person from Kentucky and that he was responsible for making Kentucky a household name throughout the whole world. I guess some people think he's actually more important than Abraham Lincoln.

I ordered the original meal with 2 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and a biscuit. It was finger lickin' good for sure.

Tomorrow I'll share some of Alan's beautiful scenery pictures of the falls and the park. There's a bunch of them, so it will probably be more pictures and less chatter from me.


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