Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remembering Grammy Connie

One of my best memories of my Grammy Connie (my Mom's Mom) is that she ALWAYS had a little pot of chocolate sauce sitting on the back burner of her stove. She would make her special sauce and just keep reheating every night. One scoop of vanilla ice cream, special sauce and she was good to go. I don't think she ever bothered to wash out that pot. She just kept adding to it. As a child I thought of it as the never ending pot of chocolate sauce. I found this adorable little pot when I was shopping at IKEA back in July and I knew that it was destined to become my little chocolate sauce pan. I can't share Grammy's secret sauce recipe, which was actually her mother's secret sauce recipe with you, because, well, it's a family secret. I can share this new chocolate sauce recipe with you that I think might just be even a tad bit better that Grammy's. I can't believe that I just said that. The new sauce is a lot easier to make and it makes a ton. I found it on Susan Branch's August 27th Bog entry. She lives on Martha's Vineyard and was making it right before Hurricane Irene hit. I'll list the ingredients for you under my "I love the taste of.." tab up at the top of this page, but you really should check out her description of the sauce. It will cause you to want to make some right now!


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