Tuesday, August 23, 2011

David's White Coat Ceremony

Here are a few pictures from the White Coat Ceremony held at EVMS last week. Alan and I were not able to attend, but thank goodness other parents were and generously shared their pictures.

Eddie and Natalie are two of David's closest friends in Virginia. They also were there last year in the medical masters program. You can just tell from the smile on David's face that he is one happy camper. So what if he has to work harder than he ever has in his little life. It all builds character, or so his grandfather would say.

To be perfectly honest with you I think it's really all of the "dressing up" that's really getting to him. He has had to wear a tie more times during the past 6 months than during his entire life. I say, "you had better get used to it."


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