Friday, August 12, 2011

We have had two absolutely perfect days here in Louisville. Since I had to spend most of yesterday stuck inside, I decided that I'd make the most of today. I opted for a walk in the park this morning instead of 45 minutes on the machines at the gym. It was a good decision. The park was lovely and both the dog and I got some exercise. Here she is looking for ducks. She would be in that water in a skinny minute if I let go of the leash. To tell you the truth, if it were just a little be cleaner I'd go for a dip too. The weather is going to change for the worse tonight. Storms are rolling in for the weekend, so we might not make it to the zoo or the farmer's market. Instead we are thinking about some inside activities, like visiting the SPEED art museum, or maybe going to see the HELP. I loved the book so much, I'm just not sure how the movie is going to work for me. Keep you posted. Just in case you were wondering, Grace leaves for Spain in 2 weeks.


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