Monday, August 29, 2011

The Fastest Service Ever

You may remember this picture from a couple of weeks ago. The big storm really did a number on our poor picnic table umbrella. Try as we might we could not bend it back into any kind of usable shape, so to the garbage it went.

The problem with loosing your umbrella in August, is that apparently they are now out of season items. Everyone in Louisville must have needed a new one because we looked just about every place we could think of and there were none to be had.

Leave it to my Dad and his trusty laptop computer.
We ordered the perfect umbrella online for just $99.00 including shipping and it arrived the very next day. I'm not kidding. It only had to come from Cincinnati, but still. The very next day our new umbrella was up running.

I would highly recommend this company if you find yourself in need of anything patio related.

Now that we have this beautiful new umbrella, I'm thinking that we might need some fancy new cushions to go with it.


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