Thursday, August 4, 2011

Audrey Is Here!

Grace is so excited. Her best friend from Iowa is here visiting for a few days. Audrey flew in to Louisville yesterday and we took her to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for dinner. We didn't know that the restaurant was celebrating it's 20th anniversary, but all of the hoopla going on just added to the bizarre ambiance. We couldn't convince Audrey to order the "Hot Brown" She thought it sounded disgusting. Of course none of us ordered it either, but it is a Louisville tradition, that tourists should try at least once....

I'm sure that we will be hitting the malls and the Pie Kitchen, maybe even the zoo. One of the things that Audrey wants to do while she's here is go to a ZUMBA class with Grace. Too bad that I have to work this evening, or I'd go with them, just to take some pictures for the blog.

Try and stay cool. I know the heat is getting old for most of us.


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