Friday, August 19, 2011

It Could Have Been Worse

What a mess. It all started last Saturday, so almost a week ago. We had plans to go to the SPEED Art Museum on the University of Louisville campus and then from there we decided to see "The Help". Everything was going according to plan until the moment that we walked out of the theater. It was about 5:30 ish and from the looks of the sky about to start pouring rain any second. Of course we were parked about a mile away, so we picked up the pace and actually made a run for it. Silly us thinking that we could make it home before things got too serious. I have never driven through such scariness in all of my life, and I've witnessed some pretty bad storms. This thing blew up so fast and powerful.

Ir felt like a hurricane and it left damage like a tornado. There were moments where it was raining so hard we could see absolutely nothing out the car windows. There were trees and limbs down everywhere, blocking the road, on top of cars that a moment earlier had been driving in front of us. Many, many homes had huge trees on them as well. A neighbor actually came out of her house to pull a tree branch out of the road so that we could pull into our driveway. By the time we got home the storm was pretty much over. 10-15 minutes total was all it took to wreck some serious havoc.

We had a little damage here and there, but in the big picture of things we got off easy. Probably the biggest inconvenience of all was not having any electricity for about 50 hours. Well not having cable or Internet for 5 days was a bother too.

I can tell you that our refrigerator has never been so clean. Pretty much everything had to go.

I did manage to save a few important items.

The storm knocked out the power to something like 50 local schools. The kids were supposed to start back on Monday, but the first two days were cancelled. What a way to start the year. Everything seems to be getting back to normal.

Grace leaves for Spain in one week. I'm starting to get a little panicky. David is finishing up his first week of Med school. He's complaining, but I know he's loving every minute of it. Stay tuned, more to come. There always is around here.


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