Sunday, September 25, 2011

These Boots were Made for Hiking

These are my new hiking boots/shoes. We are officially in training for the Grand Canyon. Well, I'm in training and Alan is my trainer. Today we hiked the Orange Trail in the Jefferson Memorial Forest. I thought we were starting off easy. You know, to break my shoes in and all.

Alan told me that we would start off with a 2 mile hike and work our way up to longer hikes. What he didn't tell me was that our little 2 mile hike was ranked as STRENUOUS. Did you get that? Strenuous means lots of ups and downs, not just flat and easy. I think maybe a moderate hike would have been a good one to start with don't you?.

I made it with a little huffing and puffing but boy was I glad to have my new hiking shoes. They must have some super grip on the bottoms, because there was a lot of slippery stuff to walk through.

It really is a forest, so mostly trees. We saw a few little blooming wild flowers, and we did run into one other couple that appeared to be doing some form of "speed hiking." No thank you.

I have to say, what probably kept me going was knowing that at the end of the trail we would enjoy a little picnic lunch. You know how much I love a picnic. This one was perfect and ended with the best apples of the season so far.


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