Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shiny And NEW

 Remember about a month or so ago when Grace moved into her very own apartment?
Well, she took a couple of my appliances with her. She decided that she "needed" my blender and my Crock-Pot.
 To be perfectly honest, I didn't really mind. Both of those are almost as old as she is and it gave me a great reason to buy new ones. New is almost always better. I happen to be very happy with my new Crock-Pot.
Because it was very "fall" like over the weekend I tried it out by making a giant pot of chili. The best feature (which my old one didn't have) is how it automatically switches to the "warm" setting after the designated time for cooking is reached. I love that! Now I need to go shopping for a blender. Any suggestions?


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