Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Morning

Looking back at the pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks, I was a little distressed to discover that I did not take a single picture on Christmas day of my kids. That has to be a first since the first one was born. What was I thinking? What was I doing? Honestly, I can't remember. I do recall that we had a lovely morning opening gifts. Everyone was delighted and happy. We ate a delicious brunch and had a fantastic Christmas dinner. Where was my camera during all of this? The only member of the family that got her picture taken on Christmas day was Maggie. Seriously, what does that say about me? I don't even want to know.
 Maggie LOVES stuffed animals. She especially loves them when they make noise. Since we have been having a bit of a real opossum problem since we moved into this house, we found her a stuffed one that she could actually catch and obviously take out her aggressions on.
 Poor opossum. Before we had even finished breakfast, the majority of his stuffing had been removed along with his squeaker. Way to go Maggie! The opossum is still hanging around. Every now and then she finds it and shakes it to pieces. It's totally flat, missing an eye and absolutely pitiful looking. I should probably throw it away...

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