Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things I Didn't Think I Needed

I really wanted the title to say "Things I Didn't Think I Needed and Now Can't Live Without" but I thought that might sound a little over dramatic.  I received some pretty awesome Christmas gifts this year. At the top of my "I don't really need that list" was a new "smart" phone. I develop strong attachments to my phones. As long as they work why would I need an upgrade? I'm so dumb. My new phone is amazing. I seriously am enjoying it and all that it can do for me. Mind you I have absolutely no idea what all it can do for me, but I'm learning.

The second thing that I thought I didn't need, was a Keurig coffee maker. Sure I thought they were pretty cool, but the whole one cup of coffee at a time thing seemed odd. Let me just say that it is not odd at all. I'm the only one that drinks coffee in this house, so one cup at a time means that my coffee is always PERFECT.  My wonderful kids must have known how much I would love it. Either that, or they just didn't like the way I used to make coffee. I may never go back to the old way.

I feel like such a modern woman now, except for the whole spinning wheel thing...

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Bette Strug said...

OMG, I talked myself out of a Kuerig this Christmas...maybe next year, *sigh*