Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Broken Traditions

Just warning you. This post may be heavy on words and light on pictures.

It all started with Christmas Eve dinner and then escalated from there. We did not take our Christmas tree and decorations down before New Years day this year. We did eat black eyed peas and turnip greens to try and counter act the bad luck karma. Only time will tell. I also did not make a single New Years resolution. I know. It's crazy. I really don't know what's going. on. All of this goes against my crazy Virgo need of control and organization. All I can come up with is that now that I'm 50 I'm seeing the world through new eyes. Corny, I know, but I have to have some sort of reason or excuse for this sudden change in behavior. Just humor me and go with it OK?
Something new ~ Knitting a Magic Loop Toe Up Sock
 While I was taking down Christmas decorations on January 5th, I was listening to Pandora through my TV. (I still have not figured out how that works, but I love it). Anyway, about the time that I was sitting down to take a break because undecorating is a lot of work, an old James Taylor song came on. This is where things get weird... I have heard this song at least a million times. At least, but I don't guess I'd ever really listened to the words. Sitting there in my house sipping a cup of tea I decided to make the song my theme song for 2013. I know that a lot of people out in Blog land are choosing a theme word for the year. Well, I couldn't come up with just one. I like words too much for that. So, here is my theme song.Secret Of Life If you haven't heard it in a while just click on the title and it should take you to YouTube. The gist is "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time". He says that "any fool can do it" and that "it's a lovely ride". There you have it,  my 2013 words to live by.

Just in case you think I've had a total personality switch-a-roo. I did kind of come up with a few, to borrow a Yoga word "intentions" for 2013. I like that word so much better than "goals". It just sound gentle and possible to me. "goals" sounds like "diet" and that's not a gentle word in my book. So here are some of my "intentions".
Take care of myself and the people that I love
Do things that make me happy every day
Try really hard to be positive (why is this one so hard for me?)

Have you broken any traditions? Did you make new years resolutions or intentions? Am I the only one that thinks about these things? I hope your new year has gotten off to a great start. 


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