Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Recap

 I guess you can see that Alan was able to help me out. It seems that Internet Explorer is messed up. Not me.What a relief. I switched over to Mozilla Firefox and TaDa.... we have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I'm sorry. I'll try to cut back on the chit chat a bit.
 A day or so before Christmas, Grace willingly volunteered to go hiking with Alan. She even put on my hiking hat for the picture above. She says that she's going to try and be more "outdoorsy". I find that very interesting. I guess if you have plans to join the Peace Corps you might want to actually enjoy the great outdoors.
 Christmas Eve, we totally broke with tradition. Instead of our usual fondu dinner we decided to switch things up and go with a Spanish meal of Paella and Sangria. The Sangria was fantastic, the Paella, not so much.

 We followed a recipe that Grace translated from Spanish, and it just didn't turn out they way we were hoping. I think we need to take another trip back to Spain to get the real stuff.

 The day after Christmas we hit the road (for 12 hours) driving through quite yucky weather to Louisiana.
 Alan's mom has moved in with his sister Melinda and her family at the old  family homestead. We got to visit for a couple of days and really enjoyed each others company. We ate some amazing food and just hung out.

 In addition to playing interactive dance video games, Grace and Sarah wanted to learn how to play bridge.
 They talked their grandmother into helping out and after a few hands seemed to have the whole thing figured out.

We wished we could have stayed longer, but David had a plane to catch back to Norfolk. We spent a quiet New Year's eve with my Dad. We all managed to stay up until midnight to ring in 2013 and then we rushed off to bed. I wish I could tell you that I made all kinds of wonderful resolutions, but I didn't. I do have some goals in mind, but that's where they are, in my mind. Maybe I'll share some of them with you next time...


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