Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Hope you remembered to wear some green today
 My little shamrock plant from Trader Joe's is going strong.
 Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sort of sunny. 
Today it is 36 degrees and raining and snowing all at the same time.
Grace was home for most of last week enjoying her last Spring Break. While she was in Louisville, she interviewed for the Peace Corps and got a new driver's license, because she's 21 now. Since Alan and I still had to work she stayed home most days with the dog and the cat doing what she likes to do most... Knit.
We did squeeze in some shopping, pedicures, sushi and a delicious Thia dinner. It was a pretty nice week all in all.  Hope you had a great week too. Can you believe that Easter is only two weeks away? As I've mentioned before, I'm so ready for spring.

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