Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring ~ Snow ~ Really?

Enough is enough now. It's springtime. It's almost Easter. What the heck is going on around here?

 It has been snowing non-stop since Sunday. It's so crazy. The daytime temperatures have been hovering between 35 and 38 degrees, so nothing sticks to the roads (thank goodness) but it just keeps on falling from the sky. I will confess to you that Sunday I stayed in my PJ's all day long. No shower, no shampoo. I did brush my teeth, but since we had no place to go I just couldn't be bothered with the effort. I can't remember the last time I did that when I wasn't even sick. It was kind of fun actually, a real "lazy day" for sure.
 I've been spinning and knitting and reading a lot. Not much cooking has been going on because I have been on a mission all month to empty out the freezer of all of my stored up "winter" food. It's not winter any more so we should not be eating things like chilli, right? We should be eating lighter fair and grilling outside.  At least that's what I think should be happening. We have made a pretty big dent in our stored up food rations. The freezer is starting to look a bit empty. I think there might even be enough room in there now for one of those big frozen Margarita containers. If I only felt like drinking Margarita's. I'm still sipping hot cocoa and tea.

This basket used to be full and now all that's left are two packages of soup.Hopefully they will be eaten this week and by some miracle spring will just suddenly appear this weekend. That's what I'm hoping for. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's time to get outside. Don't you agree?

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Bette Strug said...

AMEN,sister!! I am sooo ready for warm weather. Anything above 45 would feel wonderful!