Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Breakfast of 2013

Pretty much all I have to say is Yum! To kick off our New Year's Eve celebration we started the day at our favorite breakfast place "Wild Eggs". Alan had to work, so it was the kids, my dad and me. Poor Al.

I'm not sure where 2013 went. The years are just flying by. As always this one was full of good times and not so good times. So long as the good times out weigh the bad we are in  great shape. I've been thinking about resolutions and whether or not to make any. Last year I set some goals, but honestly I don't remember what they were. I've been operating on the "one day at a time" plan for a while and that seems to be working for me. All I know is that in 2014 I'd like to spend more time with family and friends, more time doing the things I enjoy and less time worrying about all the things that don't really matter. Sounds like a plan. Hope you have fun plans for celebrating the New Year. Can't wait to welcome in 2014.

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