Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun Fall Weekend

What a beautiful weekend. I hope it's not the last before winter sets in and it's too cold to leave the house. Alan ran his 1/2 marathon on Saturday morning while David and I walked at the zoo. I'm not sure who had the most fun. Alan earned a medal and beat his previous time, but David and I got to see all the Halloween decorations including the new pirate exhibit and the snowy owls at the zoo. We watched a lot of football. The Kentucky Wildcats almost beat Mississippi State and the LSU tigers totally beat Old Miss. T-I-G-E-R-S fight! fight! fight!. I'd sing the fight song for you if you were here. Today is David's last day in Louisville. We got up early and had breakfast at Wild Eggs and then walked across the Big 4 bridge. Don't you just love the sign above? It's good to know that Dates and Romance are allowed. I'm making granola and I guess we will probably watch some more football and maybe take a nap. Hope you are having a fun, fall weekend too.
Here's a little video Alan took of the new baby Bongo that we saw at the zoo last weekend. Watching him jump around just puts a smile on your face.

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