Saturday, October 18, 2014

Where Do I Start?

Since I last posted, so much has happened and so few pictures have been taken. What can I say? I'll do my best to catch you up, just know that there are going to be gaps. Alan completed his Bike Ride to Beat Cancer. He didn't really ride 100 miles like the sign says, He did the 70 mile ride, but I'm sure with all of the hills and the wind it felt like 100. Don't you love his fancy shirt? He's getting ready to run a half marathon next weekend. Who knew I was married to such an athlete? I'm doing my best to keep my Fit Bit happy by trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, and let me tell you that is challenge enough for me.
On September 24th my sweet Dad had some what was supposed to be minor back surgery. I got to spend a week in Greensboro taking care of him. The surgery was called an X-Stop and it was to release some nerve compression in his spine which was causing him significant pain and weakness in his legs. The surgery went well and he is pain free now. He did experience some complications which are on going and will hopefully be resolved soon. As a result of the complications I got to spend another weekend in North Carolina. That 8 hour drive is very long, but this time of year driving through the mountains was absolutely beautiful. I'd make that drive for my Dad any day.

David has been with us here in Louisville since the end of September. He is really enjoying his away rotation at the U of L hospital emergency room. He's here for one more week and then he heads to Lexington KY for another rotation at the University there. He's gearing up for the start of residency interviews. We bought him a new suit yesterday and let me just say, it makes him look very spiffy.

Grace continues to love almost everything about her Cambodian adventure. She's still in her acclimation phase where she is supposed to be integrating herself into the community. She is teaching a couple of informal English classes and will begin her "real" work in November.
That pretty well catches you up on all of our goings on.
I hope you all have been enjoying Autumn and making happy memories.

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