Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quilting Along

Here I am with my wonderful friend Barb. I mentioned last week that Barb and Jorge came for a visit. They were our backyard neighbors in Iowa and we miss them very much. We had such a great weekend doing lots of the things that we used to do together.

Barb talked me into learning how to quilt several years ago. She is my bestest quilting buddy. We have taken classes together and participated in workshops together and mastered the long arm quilting machine together. While they were in Louisville I talked her into going on a quilt shop hop with me. It just worked out that the "Jingle Bell Hop" was going on the same weekend that they were here. We visited 4 of the 5 shops on the "Hop" and ended up with quite a few goodies.
I can't wait to get started on some of these projects. Hopefully I'll have some cute quilted items to show you soon.
One purchase that I have used already and am most excited about is this little stick on thimble thing. I've tried every thimble ever made and have never been able to find one that I can keep on my finger, until now! I love this thing and so does my finger. No more jabs with the needle and it's helping my hexagon flower making to go so much faster.  It also speeds up the process when you can get a friend to make one of your flowers for you.
Barb made this one. I think she might be hooked on hexagons.
What a great way to use up all of those scraps that she saves.
You can do it Barb!

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Anonymous said...

Glad this is working for you! Maybe I'll try one after I do my other 5 project! Barb