Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Cat

George spends the day seeking out small patches of sunshine. Once he finds the perfect sunny spot he takes a nap. When the sun moves so does George. Not a bad life if you ask me. He gets a little cranky on cloudy days and tends to hang out in the darkest place he can find. Very interesting behavior. Cat's are just strange like that.

Speaking of cats, I came across the most wonderful website a couple of weeks ago. Click HERE
and you can play with shelter cats over the Internet? It’s completely addictive and wonderful.

”Humane Society of Dallas County/Dog & Kitty City has partnered with KONG of Golden CO, the makers of that classic red rubber dog toy.

Kong selected six shelters throughout the U.S. and they have installed robotic toys and cameras in the shelter so people can control the toys over the Internet and watch the cats play. The charitable campaign is designed to raise awareness about shelter cats and hopefully boost cat adoptions.

You can access the virtual play system and remotely control robotic toys for the cats to play with and can view the action via streaming web cams.”

I wish that all cats could be as happy and content as George. Make yourself smile and make a cat's day.

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