Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deck the Halls (inside) Part 1

So, everything looks pretty much the same as last year. I made a few changes to the fireplace and mantle, but other than that it's all familiar. I'll have you know that all of the pictures you are about to see got taken twice. I forgot to turn on the tree lights the first time. I'm not sure if it really made a huge difference, but it's all about the presentation, right?

 I'm still trying to find a poinsettia to fit in the iron basket under the wreath. So far every one I've brought home has either been too small, or too tall. I just wanted a little more red up there. I'll keep looking.

 I got the framed prints last year at the Carolina Craftsman's fair the day after Thanksgiving. Both of them together tell the story Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I had been eying them for several years (like 20) and finally decided that they were coming home with me.

So, for practical reasons we choose to burn these fire logs instead of "real" wood. The chimney sweep that cleaned our chimney the first year we moved in recommended that we do so. He said it would keep yucky stuff from building up (my words not his) and since we have such a high, tall chimney we wouldn't need to have it cleaned as often. The problem is that in my opinion, these logs are ugly. We used to keep them in the basement, but that meant that when we wanted to have a fire someone would have to run downstairs and grab a log. It makes more sense to keep them close by. I'm hoping that the cute basket hides some of the ugly. A girl can try.

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