Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deck the Halls (inside) Part 2

Once again Alan and I were able to find the perfect tree to fit in our only available tree spot. It's not the biggest tree that we have ever had, but it's big enough to hold the most important ornaments we have. My favorites are the ones that the kids made years ago. I think every mom feels that way. Grace and David had the same teacher for first grade, so we are lucky to have the exact same ornaments made by them only 4 years apart. The angels just make me smile. I also love that I got the great idea years ago to put their school pictures into tiny frames. These are scattered all over the tree and also make me smile.

 Everything else is just little snippets of things we have collected through the years. I can't stand to part with any of it. Every decoration has meaning to me and deserves to be displayed. I will admit that some things eventually make their way to decorating the bathrooms, but still they get their opportunity to shine.

As you can see we have boxes to post and presents to wrap, so I need to start getting busy. David will be home on the 15th and Grace may come the 14th. Her last final exam is on the 13th and I think she might be ready for a home cooked meal and to sleep in her own bed with her cat.

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