Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Out Of Our Rut

How do you feel about pizza? We happen to love it.When the kids were little and we lived in South Carolina we ate pizza almost every Friday night. We would order our Papa John's regular and walk next door to the Blockbuster video store. David and Grace would each choose a movie and by then our pizza would be ready. Life was so easy back then. After our move to Iowa, we became regular customers at Pizza Plus, a small family run shop very close to our house. Actually, it was really the only pizza restaurant close to our house. It was very good pizza, the bread sticks were a little greasy, but we could live with that.  Then we moved to Louisville where there is a pizza place on just about every corner. We have all of the regular chains as well as MANY one of a kind specialty pizza joints. Everyone you talk to has their favorite. The options were just too many for us to choose, so... we went back to the old and familiar. Something that we could count on, Papa John's. I know it's sad, but it was cheap, fast and close to home. I guess after 3 years even "we" were ready for a change. If you know my husband, then you know that we don't consider any change lightly. As you can tell from the first two pictures, there will be an organized system as to how we go about selecting our new favorite pizza restaurant. This process will take approximately 11 weeks by the end of which, we will be very full, but hopefully very happy pizza connoisseurs
Hope you are having a great weekend,

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea! Your husband is brilliant. I think we'll do the same thing.